Our Brief History

After 16 years in the direct mail advertising business, we decided to do something that was more about life & less about lifestyle. We sold our business & started growing a few rows of broccoli, squash, heirloom tomatoes & garlic. After realizing we couldn’t actually eat 200 pounds of tomatoes every week we applied to the Goshen Farmers Market and started selling a few things there on Fridays. That was our first year as a certified organic producer. It felt pretty good to be outside growing things & have local people appreciate them so we expanded a bit to include microgreens. Then came a greenhouse and seedlings, although the chipmunks, mice & woodchucks almost got me to throw in the towel. You can’t actually be smarter than varmints, only more dedicated. Then came Ella, born right smack on my 50th birthday – hence “Late Bloomer Farm”. Let’s see now, I have a new daughter, new farm, AND chipmunk problems – oh, did I mention late blight? Hello Prozac! After selling to a few farmers & to some restaurants for a while, we decided to develop our own site. We grow some pretty nice stuff but no space to do it all, so I think our farm’s future lies in developing relationships with local producers of some other good stuff & offering it all in one convenient location year-round. Know where your food comes from!

– Ron Hayward