Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning – What You Need to Know

Every kitchen exhaust system is different and there are different ways of cleaning different systems. When a hood cleaning company arrives to clean your kitchen exhaust system. The most common complaint a restaurant owner has is a mess left behind by the hood cleaners.

A good hood cleaning company will not leave a mess behind a good company instructs all of their employees to go through a set of tasks while cleaning your kitchen exhaust system to prevent as much mess as possible. They are also instructed to mop there way out the door when they are done with the job.

This is drilled in the employee’s brains as it is one of the most important parts of the job. After all, if someone left a mess behind when you arrived the next day it would not matter to you if they would come back or not. as your time is money when you arrive and it would take your employees time to clean up on top of food prep and everything else you go through day to day before you open up your doors.

A good hood cleaning company understands that and this is why they should take extra special care to make sure you never go through that. Any professional hood cleaning company that comes to your establishment should also take this extra time to clean up if they do not. Honestly, you should find another company to perform this service for you.

Another common problem among the service providers is dripping grease, days after they clean your hood. The most common reason this occurs is due to water not being removed from the tracks, nooks, and crannies of your kitchen exhaust system. this is due to complete carelessness of the hood cleaners and could have been easily avoided by vacuuming out the water from these areas. You will never have this problem with a good company all of the techs should either be certified or going through the process of getting certified. All the professionals should take pride in their work.

Remember 20 years ago how American workers use to take pride in there work? That’s how it should be! Unfortunately, this is not common practice by all companies. But there are a few of us still out here. If your service provider does not take pride in there work you should find another company.